Professional maintenance and support for electronic security and IP CCTV systems

A range of servicing and maintenance packages are available, and in some cases essential in order to verify that your system is adhering to the latest Home Office and Data Protection guidelines.

Preventative maintenance is crucial in keeping your security system compliant and effective. WIS offer’s quarterly maintenance visits, carried out by highly skilled engineers, to ensure the effectiveness and prolonged durability of your system.

Experience has taught us that any security equipment is only as good as those operating and managing it. Our engineers work with clients to ensure a seamless transfer to full stewardship and project ownership with ongoing maintenance support. That is why WIS created innovative maintenance packages – Your Cover, YourCover Plus, Your Cover Special and Your Cover Partner.
We pride ourselves on ensuring that all members of our team are highly qualified, highly motivated individuals sufficiently experienced in the specific tasks allocated to them – our customers can relax in the knowledge that the work carried out for our staff will be installed and maintained to the highest degree.
Every one of our installations is backed up by an extensive maintenance package. Without maintenance, even the most effective equipment will deteriorate, so it is vital that a qualified engineer carries out regular inspections. This will ensure your equipment meets current health and safety standards and will also help to reduce future failure or faults maximizing the life cycle of the equipment.

Maintenance & Technical Support Packages

Your Cover

A standard package comprising of 1 or 2 preventative maintenance visits per annum at which time the whole system will be reviewed and a written report submitted detailing the condition of the system. There is also continuous access to our engineer call out facilities on a 24/7 basis.

Your Cover Plus

This is our comprehensive maintenance package. Available for 1, 2 or 4 preventable maintenance visits per annum. Our quoted annual amount is inclusive of the preventative maintenance visit(s) including cherry pickers etc. Call outs as required including all height gain equipment, replacement parts and repairs.

Under this contract the only services charged for are those that result from an “act of God”, vandalism or customer error.

Your Cover Special

This allows WIS to offer bespoke packages to suit our individual client’s requirements. For example, it is often requested that we include call out labour but charge for parts.

Your Cover Partner

A fully managed service providing a highly bespoke package. It is designed to be an ‘open book’ type of cover in which we actually manage the ongoing technical operation of the client’s system.
We are continually working to raise standards of equipment and installation and are keen to see written ‘codes of conduct’ for the CCTV industry in order to provide a common level of workmanship and materials suitable for the purpose specified by the consumer.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements. We are happy to provide professional impartial advice. Please call on