Access Control

WIS’ selection of access control and visitor management systems includes secure solutions specially designed for turnstiles, gates, barriers and IP-based entrance control devices.

Barrier systems can be accessed by a variety of means, from swipe cards, to proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads to biometric security devices. These all enhance security into your home or work premises by closely monitoring who is leaving and entering your property.

Our access control systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solution for a single site, or multiple sites across an estate.

Knowing who is in your facility, where they are allowed to be and when they are allowed to be there is essential to a safe, secure and managed environment.

At a time of increased terrorist and criminal threat, insecurity and mutual suspicion, the need to impose restrictions on visitors and staff is paramount to many organisations. Access control will make for a powerful asset in your business by restricting access to valuable equipment and confidential information, alongside aiding the personal safety of your staff at all times.
Our access control technology makes for the most efficient method of monitoring activities and limiting/permitting movement across your facility and premises. Controls can be implemented to access IT equipment and valuable data. They can provide a wealth of management information for security, health and safety and human resources, aiding with accountability and good governance, in light of pervasive regulatory compliance.
As an expert access control consultancy, WIS specialises in providing professional accredited installation, maintenance and training for a wide range of access control and visitor management systems. This includes all of the following:
  • Access control systems and components.
  • Access control applications.
  • Latest legislation and industry standards.

From entry-level to fully networked enterprise solutions, we can provide you with an effective solution; whether you’re looking to enhance security at a single site or multiple sites across an estate.

We utilise a variety of reader technologies too, including swipe cards, proximity tokens, telephone entry systems, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices. Using smart card technology, we can also extend the use of access control into cashless vending, car park charging etc.  On top of this, rest assured that our equipment can be designed around existing hardware or alternatively, we can provide a full turnkey solution to include traffic barriers, bollards and electric gates.

A professionally implemented access control system from us will provide you with improved security for the individual as well as better protection of property and possessions. Once in place, our devices will deliver accurate management information about movement in, out, or around a facility in order to provide greater management control for an organisation. This promotes an effective balance between freedom of access and the safety of both staff and visitors.